[Linux-aus] [Announce] Announcing the Beyond 2020 Alliance - driving a new conversation about Australia's digital infrastructure post-2020

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Being Œcloser¹ to the technologies of the future does not assure objectivity
or understanding of the interplay between Œtechnologies¹ and social
acceptance or economics.

Re other ICT groups I agree (e.g. ACS) but don¹t get going!

A focus on outcomes is important but for who in society is equally

As they say Œlet the debate begin!¹.

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Hello All,

I would have thought the Universities and other Research groups would be
closer to the technologies of the future.

What do each of the organisations think about the NBN ?
I have heard and read very little from these organisations.

There are larger and smaller groups of ICT professionals that are not

What digital outcomes needed will the Beyond 2020 Alliance support?



On Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 5:44 PM, Linux Australia President
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> Dear Colleagues,
> As flagged in our last email, Linux Australia has been in discussions
> with Internet Australia, Telecommunications Association and the IT
> Professionals Association to drive a new conversation with the
> Australian public regarding the shape of Australia's digital
> infrastructure post-2020. Driven by George Fong's excellent leadership,
> we have collaborated to form the Beyond 2020 Alliance.
> The background, aims, purpose, constituency and nature of the Alliance
> are outlined in the attached.
> We warmly welcome your feedback, comments and constructive criticism.
> Barring significant feedback to the contrary, this alliance will be made
> public tomorrow afternoon via media outlets.
> With kind regards,
> Kathy Reid
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