[Linux-aus] Grant Application - A grant to Moe Menshed (about to start)

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Wed Apr 19 16:01:18 AEST 2017

Hi everyone,

Linux Australia considered this Grant Application at Council Meeting
13th April 2017 and is delighted to approve this Grant Application:

MOTION by Sae Ra Germaine that Linux Australia approves this grant at
the sum of $1000. It would be greatly appreciated if we could receive
the lesson plans for the lessons that are delivered so they can be
reused or repurposed for other similar groups.

Robert - please let us know the best way to work with the Moe Menshed to
acquit these funds.

Kind regards,


On 24/03/17 10:04, Kathy Reid wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm forwarding this Grant Application on behalf of Robert Palmer
> (CC'd) - feedback on this Grant Application from the community is now
> open for two weeks.
> Kind regards,
> Kathy
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> Subject: 	[LACTTE] A grant to Moe Menshed (about to start)
> Date: 	Fri, 17 Mar 2017 11:08:20 +1100
> From: 	Robert Palmer <rpalmer47 at gmail.com>
> To: 	council at linux.org.au
> Dear Linux Council,
>   Moe Menshed is just starting up.  I was a member of the Menshed in
> Wagga Wagga but was hit by a car when riding a bicycle, I was knocked
> unconscious for a week and broke my right leg.  I was flown to Sydney
> and then to Melbourne.  I came to Moe because I have some familly in
> the area.
>   I have met someone who is part of an attempt to start a Menshed in Moe.
>   His name is Collin Wootton, tel 03 5127 3693.  I understand that
> they have a building chosen but not much installed.  In Wagga Wagga
> the Menshed had a very extensive building with much very expensive
> fitting and turning machinery that was very competently run by a group
> of old men.  They also had a computer room which had more users than
> the workshop.  I would like the Moe Menshed to start up with a
> computer room.  For that to happen we need a few computer experts
> preferably, I hope with enthusiasm for and knowledge of Linux as well
> as Windows. 
>   I have met a young bloke in Moe whose knowledge of Linux is much
> greater than mine. his name is Luke and he teaches mostly bored
> housewives in a few classes.  I am surprised to find someone in Moe
> with more knowledge of Linux than I have.  He also is much better,
> than I am, at getting information from the Internet and has a good
> knowledge of modern computers which I for one, lack badly.  He teaches
> in Moe Neighbourhood House in Elizabeth st.
>   If he was in the Menshed when it is starting up and answering
> questions, it would be a good thing.  Many people have older computers
> which will not run Windows 10 but will run Linux, eg Mint, Mate or
> Ubuntu.  Rather than spend about $1000 on a new computer they would do
> better to install Linux.  He would be able to tell them how to do this. 
>   The computer room would need a Router (Modem) with connections for
> at least four computers and a telephone for the Menshed
> administration.  I don't know what is being done about this.  Collin
> Wootton 03 5127 3693 should be able to tell you this.
>   I do not know what teachers are payed but I would think that if he
> got $100 for two hour lessons for about ten weeks, it would be very
> helpful.
> Yours Robert Palmer at rpalmer47 at gmail.com <mailto:rpalmer47 at gmail.com>
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> Robert Palmer
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