[Linux-aus] LA list errors

Andrew Donnellan andrew at donnellan.id.au
Tue Apr 18 20:33:53 AEST 2017

On 18 April 2017 at 19:05, David Bell <david.t.bell91 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the fact thay Gmail users didn't
> receive the original email in this thread (and only that email, I've never
> noticed other missed messages) suggest the issue might be with the original
> sender's configuration?

You'll find that Gmail spam-filters any email coming via the Linux-aus
list from a domain with a DMARC policy specifying quarantine or
reject. So far on this list, I've seen Russell (coker.com.au) as well
as Andrew Bartlett (samba.org) being hit by this. This is definitely
not the first time this issue has been raised on Linux-aus and I have
definitely seen other messages being spam filtered due to this.

IMHO, yes, this does need to be fixed on the list servers. DKIM and
DMARC have been standardised for a while now and it's time that list
servers caught up.


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