[Linux-aus] LA list errors

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Tue Apr 18 18:33:59 AEST 2017

> PS  If you reply to this message and you use GMAIL, Yahoo, Hotmail,
> or any of the other providers that use DKIM then make sure you CC
> me.  The list will munge your message, the DKIM signature will be
> broken, and my MTA will reject the copy of your message that came
> through the list.

Thanks for the summary of the issues - I have wanted to investigate
this for some time to see if there's a solution but never had the

I have run into so many problems with DKIM and mailing list software
though that I have basically given up using DKIM to reject e-mail.  Half
the spam I get is correctly DKIM signed anyway so it doesn't really do a
lot for me.

I've worked around the problem by whitelisting certain mailing lists I
am interested in.  In my case I let SpamAssassin do the DKIM checks so
I can add a rule to drop the spam score down quite a bit if the message
comes through a known mailing list, which still allows it to be flagged
as spam if there are other rules that match besides the DKIM ones.


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