[Linux-aus] Call for nominations - Treasury and Finance Subcommittee of Linux Australia

Linux Australia Vice President secretary at linux.org.au
Mon Sep 26 11:57:43 AEST 2016

Dear Colleagues,

This email is intended to inform you of the new Treasury and Finance
Subcommittee, provide background information on why the Council believes
it is required, and seek nominations for appointment to this Subcommittee.

As always, your comments, queries and questions are warmly welcomed, via
return email address or to whole of Council at council at linux.org.au.

Nominations by return email should be rec'd by Monday 3rd October.

Kind regards,

Why is this Subcommittee required?

Linux Australia has grown in size and scope over its fifteen-year-or-so
history, and now auspices over half a dozen large events per year. It
has a financial turnover in the order of $AUD 1 million.

The scale of financial management now required for the organisation is a
significant responsibility, which has been executed diligently and
commendably by Treasurers current and past (Tony Breeds, Francois Marier
and Josh Hesketh in recent history). This role is a large commitment for
a volunteer.

While we're currently documenting a number of our processes and
procedure to make this easier, there are many 'ins and outs' of managing
our finances that are difficult to document.

A Subcommittee will thus help the sitting Treasurer both with
operational management of finances, and also help to create a pipeline
of community members who have the background, skills and aptitude to
take on the Treasurer role in the future.

What will the Subcommittee do?

It is envisaged that some of the tasks with Subcommittee will do include:

* Assist with account reconciliation
* Assist with budgeting and reporting, particularly during preparation
of reports for the Auditor, required at the AGM
* Assist events with budgeting, reporting and use of the financial platform
* Assist in maintaining Linux Australia's Risk Register

Who can be on the Subcommittee?

Any Linux Australia member can nominate and we'll appoint 2-3 nominees
who can demonstrate an interest, desire or background in this area of

What's in it for me?

Like many open source volunteer roles, this one gives you exposure and
experience in a large, complex organisation, and strong skills in
bookkeeping and accounting. This role would strongly suit a university
student or graduate in finance, accounting or economics, or someone who
has experience as Treasurer with a Linux Australia event.

This role will have privileged access to Linux Australia's corporate
information and as such a great deal of trust will be placed in members
of the Treasury and Finance Subcommittee.

How do I nominate?

Via return email to this address, secretary at linux.org.au by Monday 3rd

What was the original motion?

*MOTION* by Kathy Reid that a Finance and Treasury Subcommittee is formed,
chaired by Treasurer, in line with S(21) of the Linux Australia constitution
[1] with a remit to:

 * Assist the Treasurer to monitor and report on financial activities
   using the financial systems of Linux Australia
 * Provide advice and input to Treasurer and Council on preparation and
   execution of budgets and other financial interests
 * Own and maintain the organisation's Risk Register and provide advice
   to Treasurer and Council on risks and mitigation activities
 * Provide a pipeline for training and upskilling Members of Linux
   Australia interested in taking on the Treasurer role
 * Invite Members of Linux Australia to the Subcommittee as
   appropriate, providing that Council is informed when Members are
   appointed and/or removed

Kathy Reid
Vice President
Linux Australia

secretary at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479

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