[Linux-aus] A Statement from Linux Australia

Hugh Blemings president at linux.org.au
Wed Jun 22 09:09:44 AEST 2016

- A Statement from the President and Council of Linux Australia -

Linux Australia notes the recent allegations levelled against Jacob 
Appelbaum. Mr Appelbaum was a keynote speaker at linux.conf.au (LCA) 
2012, a Linux Australia event.

To the best knowledge of the Council of Linux Australia and the 
organisers of LCA 2012 there was no misconduct involving Mr Appelbaum 
reported during LCA 2012.

Linux Australia encourages any attendee at a Linux Australia event to 
report violations of the event Code of Conduct to the event organisers, 
and to contact support organisations and/or law enforcement as 
appropriate to the situation.

It is Linux Australia’s hope that the voices of all concerned in this 
matter are fairly heard and a just resolution is forthcoming in line 
with due process.

As facts in this matter become clear Linux Australia will consider what, 
if any, action is appropriate in relation to Mr Appelbaum’s potential 
involvement in future Linux Australia activities.

President (Hugh Blemings) and Council,
Linux Australia

- Ends -

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