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Andri Effendi fusionman133 at gmx.de
Mon Jun 20 20:37:53 AEST 2016

Simply saying "It's clear reports from people who are known to be
trustworthy and reliable" does not prove anything.

Take the "Clear" reports to a court of law.

> You must prove guilt in court before sentencing them to jail.  We are
> not
> talking about sentencing him to jail, just declining to do business
> with him.

It's not up to you (the persons who are purporting to be victims) to
take the law in to your own hands.

Are you concerned that turning to the legal system may prove his innocence?

> It's quite common for businesses to ban customers for a variety of
> reasons.
This is not about someone being banned from going into Walmart or the
Local Pub.

Comparing what these defamatory accusations are doing to Jacob Appelbaum
with banning customers from a business is just offensive and ridiculous.

> That's a Godwin violation right there.
Why don't you use the word conspiracy theory or Tin foil hat instead?
Because it is just as ridiculous.

Are you denying that you presume Jacob Appelbaum is guilty before proven

> You can permit him to attend any conferences you run.
Your evasion of my initial question is clear.

> He is still alive, that price hasn't been paid.
Jacob Appelbaum has been constantly putting his life on the line for
everyone! Again you avoided the question.

Do you not think about the consequences of others wanting to take the
law into their own hands and hurting Jacob Appelbaum because of these
accusations they have been told?

> Not at all.  He has already been expelled from many organisations he >
was a
> member of.
You mean to tell me that expelling someone from their livelihood shortly
after RUMORS and Conjecture is a mere coincidence and not a prejudgment
of him?

Put your self in his situation. (assuming that he is innocent)
Some Blog, as well as other rumors of you committing an offense are made
which are untrue , and you vehemently deny those accusations.

Yet because of the coordination of the attack on your reputation by
these accusations, you loose your job, reputation, livelihood and even
your life is put in danger.

The Legal System exists for a reason.
If a Crime has been committed you take it to authorities.

You don't take the law into your own hands and make it your mission to
destroy the persons life callously and carelessly otherwise you are
committing crimes and are a perpetrator, NOT a Victim.

> They could have got rid of him at any time by planting some drugs in >
> luggage.  Why would they instead spend years coercing a variety of
> well known
> people into making false accusations?  Your claim just doesn't make
> any sense.
I can't pretend to know the answer for that, only some of the variables.
Like they tried, but they were unable to.
Or that if they did, the public wouldn't believe it.

However when more accusations of sexual misconduct are made the
adversary knows or predicts that the public will TURN regardless of the

> I'm not aware of any Spanish Inquisition that banned people from
> attending
> conferences.  I am aware of a Spanish Inquisition that tortured and
> murdered
> people.  Can you provide a citation about that other Spanish
> Inquisition that I have never heard of?

"The denunciations were anonymous, and the defendants had no way of
knowing the identities of their accusers. This was one of the points
most criticized by those who opposed the Inquisition (for example, the
Cortes of Castile, in 1518). In practice, false denunciations were
frequent. Denunciations were made for a variety of reasons, from genuine
concern, to rivalries and personal jealousies." [1]

I am awaiting your next distorter word in the place of "Godwin
Violation" for this other historical reference.
In Conclusion to this email, I do not claim to have incontrovertible
proof that the defamatory accusations are lies.

That does not change the fact that the burden of proof lies with the

The damage that has been caused by the manner in which the alleged
"victims" went about disclosing these accusations is irrefutable,
dishonorable and in contradiction to the spirit of what our community
believes in.

If Jacob is found guilty of committing crimes by a jury of his peers and
all the preceding appellate court judgments, then let Jacob's future be
decided that way.

That is how justice is made!
Not by biasing public opinion with blogs of people purporting to be
"victims" and then ruining Jacobs Life on a personal level.

And then Spray painting houses with "A rapist lives here" which could
put the lives of those who live in those buildings in danger.

That is not justice.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Inquisition#Accusation

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