[Linux-aus] SPF problems too

ac ac at main.me
Fri Jan 15 21:16:01 AEDT 2016

Hello Steve, 
I have just received your post, yet I receive the mailman replies from Mark, 
hours before yours, (and Mark has received your post already as he refers to it)

There seems to be a bug when the sendque is calculated 

As you can see, I have created a secondary address and will have a
look, i suspect that it is probably a timezone calc error of some

Good to know that the list content itself is not moderated, thanks!

On Fri, 15 Jan 2016 19:15:02 +1100
Steve Walsh <steve at nerdvana.org.au> wrote:

> Hi ac
> On 01/15/2016 05:35 PM, ac wrote:
> > <snip>
> >
> > Also, while on the topic of email,  I would like to know why my
> > emails to the list always is/seems delayed and sometimes disappears?
> > (no bounce, no nothing - as in  moderated / dropped / deleted)
> >
> > If it is that I am moderated I would appreciate knowing that, so
> > that I may rather unsubscribe and reduce the amount of work "on
> > your plate"
> Normally, a user is only moderated after several weeks of poor or 
> abusive behaviour, and even then, not until they've had several
> warnings provided by council and give multiple opportunities to
> change their behaviour.
> Certainly for the 4 years I was on council we only discussed it once, 
> and even then, the member involved changed their behaviour to
> something more acceptable and it wasn't a problem after that. From
> what I've seen of your behaviour on list, (IMV) I think you're a long
> way off that happening, so we might just be looking at an issue
> somewhere in the mail chain.
> If possible, can you keep a note of when things like these happen,
> and let us know within a few days at admin-team at linux.org.au if mail
> gets lost? We should be able to chase it through to mail system and
> let you know what's happening.
> many thanks
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