[Linux-aus] SPF problems too

Julian De Marchi julian at jdcomputers.com.au
Fri Jan 15 15:41:01 AEDT 2016

Hi Russell,

On 15/01/2016 2:34 PM, Russell Coker wrote:
> When someone runs a server that is designed to accept forwarded mail from
> another server which doesn't do SRS then they should do one of two things:
> 1)  Whitelist that server.
> 2)  Not implement SPF checks.

Thanks for your advice.

> Someone decided to implement SPF checks on the second server while not
> bothering to whitelist the first server.

We are in the process of deprecating the old server. We(the admin team), 
have had a lot of our plate over the past few months.


> If fixing SPF in this regard is difficult then someone could change the LA web
> site to give the second address.

We will give this some attention over the coming days. You may reach the 
admin team @ admin-team at lists.linux.org.au

In regards to DKIM, we will try and understand the issue more before 
implementing any changes.


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