[Linux-aus] PSA: Messages sent through LA mailing lists being classified as SPAM

Stephen Rothwell lca at rothwell.id.au
Thu Jan 14 09:30:32 AEDT 2016

Hi Adam,

On Thu, 14 Jan 2016 07:57:31 +1000 Adam Nielsen <a.nielsen at shikadi.net> wrote:
> On top of that, anyone using SPF will see the e-mail comes from a Linux
> Australia server which is not an authorized sender for that e-mail
> domain, so that will also cause the message to be flagged as spam as
> it looks no different to some compromised home PC sending spam from
> that e-mail address also.

As far as I can see, lists.linux.org.au has no SPF (or TXT for SPF)
records, so spam detection software should see that as a neutral result
(assuming that they are just testing the envelope sender).

> If any new developments have happened that might address this, please
> let us know because this is a frequent problem with many mailing lists
> I am on, ever since I enabled DKIM and SPF on my e-mail domain.

On some lists I am responsible for, I have turned on the Mailman
feature that will put a wrapper around any email from a site that
publishes a strict DMARC policy.  It basically turns such emails into a
single mail digest.

Stephen Rothwell

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