[Linux-aus] Intel Fellow and cultural anthropologist Genevieve Bell to keynote linux.conf.au 2016 Geelong

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I disagree with software patents but in some fields, particularly ones with
high barriers to market, they serve an important function. The big problem
with them is they they aren't for 7 years as originally intended and have
been extended to the point they are an unfair imposition on the public good
that is seen as a perpetual right as opposed to a brief period in which to
commercialise an invention.

-Matthew Lye

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On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 10:34 PM, ac <ac at main.me> wrote:

> I have a question
> <snip>
> > ubiquitous. An accomplished anthropologist and researcher, Bell
> > joined Intel in 1998. She has been granted a number of patents for
> > consumer electronics innovations throughout her career, with
> > additional patents in the user experience space pending,
> <snip snip>
> >
> > “As Linux moves from servers and desktops into embedded hardware,
> > into the cloud, into mobile devices, the need for those products to
> > be in affinity with user needs becomes ever more important.
> > Genevieve’s area of practise is such a natural fit for our conference
> > theme - Life is better with Linux - and we can’t wait to learn from
> > Genevieve!”
> >
> Question: How does Linux AU feel about patents in general?
> As that is a "feelings" type of thing, the law is written and open
> source licenses are what they are, these are facts and then there are
> the opinions.
> Opinions? :
> Do patents promote the growth of open source, open standards
> and do they embody the values of what Linux stands for and what
> Linux AU feels/thinks (or is of the opinion that) a Linux community
> should be (or become)?
> And I fully understand why patents are registered.
> Facts: It allows the patent holder to prevent other people from using
> that technology, design or software without paying royalty or without
> their explicit permission.
> Opinions: In the case of non User Interface (UI), Novell and
> many others apparently use the non free tech to pay/fund open tech,
> patenting UI however is not so very cool and I would propose much more
> directly opposed to the open source goals...
> ianal but, Open Source licensed software patents are unenforceable in
> Australia for both UI/design as well as process etc.
> Anyway, how does Linus Torvalds feel about patents?
> (okay, that is a rhetorical question as I have discussed this already
> at length with him and he is, I believe you say "rabid"?, about the
> topic - he does not like software patents whether the usage
> becomes ubiquitous or not.)
> of course these discussions are difficult as there are ego's, feelings,
> opinions, I am sorry in advance if you chose to take exception to any
> of my opinions or if you decide to take offense. As a developer of
> FOSS, I also do not like software or applied UI design patents, at all
> and I constantly have to dance around them as well as hunt/find/rely on
> prior art.
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