[Linux-aus] Candidacy support statement - President

Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Mon Jan 11 15:34:14 AEDT 2016

On 11/01/2016 5:17 p.m., Hugh Blemings wrote:
> Hi Mark, AJ, All,
> On 11/01/2016 14:51, Mark Foster wrote:
>> Are we seriously at the stage where we're challenging people who're
>> putting their hands up to take a not-insigificant role in LA,
>> because they use a mixed-software-stack for a variety of reasons?
> Ah, there's a bit of context that might be missing here;
> Firstly I've known AJ for almost as long as I've done FOSS stuff, he's
> one of a number of folk I respect and trust to be good, I dunno,
> barometers for me as such matters.
> Given that long standing friendship and association I don't view his
> email as a challenge in anything other than a good and constructive 
> way :)

*rest snipped*

That being the case i'll happily go back to my perch. :-)
Having read two of Anthony's posts and without knowing your history I 
just wanted to ensure we were focusing on the important matter that the 
thread was about - the candidacy and your suitability for the role.
I certainly think you're qualified for the role, despite your mixed stack :)

(Thanks for your kind words regarding LCA2015 too. I was a load of fun 
to put on and i'm immensely proud of what we achieved. I'm sure LCA2016 
will set the standard even higher, however...)


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