[Linux-aus] Upcoming elections

Tennessee Leeuwenburg tleeuwenburg at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 20:47:07 AEDT 2016

Hi all,

Only a very small number of people have been nominated for the top two org
chart positions. Fewer still have accepted. Is there anyone here who would
like to be nominated? I don't represent any view other than my own here. My
view is that people should just feel free to self identify. I personally
think the reliance on an external nomination probably reduces the
likelihood that interested parties are identified. A more relaxed approach
to self-nomination might help, but people could well still be reluctant to
risk feeling silly for doing so. For example, I wouldn't be able to bring
myself to self-nominate unless someone told me it was cool to go ahead and

So my suggestion to anyone who might be interested in any position would be
to email a friendly individual, possibly with prior council experience, and
just get their view.

While I've never been on council here, I have been involved in running
other volunteer groups. In general, I would describe the level of interest
in hearing from possible candidates as "desperately interested". I think
people should feel welcome to consider putting their hat in the ring, and
then just see how it goes.

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