[Linux-aus] Inflection Point - A Strategic Plan for Linux Australia

Lev Lafayette lev at levlafayette.com
Wed Jan 6 15:43:56 AEDT 2016

On Wed, January 6, 2016 11:50 am, Michael Cordover wrote:
> <snip a bunch of discussion about Google Docs vs git>
> FWIW, I think that this is the worst kind of bike-shedding. Before we
> have a discussion about what we should do in future, let's have a long
> discussion about what we should use to have that discussion. Blarg.

I have to respectfully disagree Michael.

'Bikeshedding' is a discussion about an mostly irrelevant point because
everyone can have an opinion on it, whilst not contributing to the
difficult questions. "What colour should the bike shed be painted?" is the
traditional example cited, because it really isn't that important compared
to building the nuclear power plant*.

The issue isn't about Google Docs vs git as such, but rather whether an
organisation that calls itself "Linux Australia" or "Open Source
Australia" should use Linux-friendly and open-source tools or something
else that is convenient and/or popular but doesn't comply to open
standards, doesn't maximise accessibility, or isn't FOSS. This is *highly*

*  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parkinson's_law_of_triviality

This is important and actually should be part of a strategic direction
discussion. Do we want people to be using Linux/FOSS? Are *we* using it?
If either of those questions are 'no' then strategically one has to ask
whether the organisation is succeeding in its stated purposes**, even
internally! If the organisation is *not* succeeding, according to its own
stated goals, then it is discussions of whether it should be "Linux
Australia" or "Open Source Australia" is more akin to 'to what colour
shall the bike shed be painted?'

** https://linux.org.au/values

Personally I think it a matter of primary policy that Linux Australia use
Linux and FOSS tools. Just as I think that websites should be standards
compliant, and email should be available to plain-text readers. We value
these standards and open technologies not just because we're curmudgeonly
grognards, but because this openness is technically superior and it
ensures the best access for the most people.

All the best.

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