[Linux-aus] Inflection Point - A Strategic Plan for Linux Australia

Francois Marier francois at fmarier.org
Mon Jan 4 17:58:40 AEDT 2016

On 2016-01-03 at 14:38:36, Kathy Reid wrote:
> As always, your feedback and comments are warmly welcomed.

Thank you for putting together such a well-thought out in-depth analysis.
It's a great reflection of the level of professionalism you have brought to
the organisation during your two terms on the Council.

I have one suggestion and one question for you.

My suggestion, and I realise this will likely be an area of considerable
bikeshedding, would to consider a more inclusive name that reflects the
diversity of our community. In the English-speaking world, it seems that
most have settled on "FOSS" to include people of both Open Source and Free
Software leanings.

The question I have has to do with your observation that LA is lacking
volunteers in key areas and your suggestion that LA pays for some of its
core functions. Bringing paid contributors into a volunteer project is a
challenging problem. Do you have any thoughts as to how LA can do this
successfully? (i.e. without alienating its existing volunteer base)

Again, thanks not just for the detailed bug report but also for a well-done
patch :)



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