[Linux-aus] Inflection Point - A Strategic Plan for Linux Australia

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Mon Jan 4 08:25:35 AEDT 2016

Hi Kathy,

I just read your strategic plan document. It's very well thought through
and reflects a lot of challenges that have been brought up repeatedly over
the years. Your proposed steps forward make a lot of sense. In many
respects, it's about maturing the organisation and giving it more ability
to make an impact in the Australian context. I'm in support of making it
happen and would hope you can stay around to help see it through. It's a
good plan and it needs a good execution.

Best Regards,
On 3 Jan 2016 3:12 PM, "Kathy Reid" <kathy at kathyreid.id.au> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> As Joshua and Christopher have noted, nominations and election to Council
> for 2016 are now underway. The time is right to consider what sort of
> organisation Linux Australia wants to be, and what its priorities should be
> as we head towards 2020.
> To this end, I've put together the below document to start a conversation
> - hopefully a fruitful one  - about what the community would like Linux
> Australia as an organisation to be working towards. It outlines our
> strategic environment and outlines a number of responses, then prioritises
> actions required to realise those responses. The Council has seen the
> document, and I'd like to thank Joshua Hesketh for taking the time to add
> comments and thoughts to get the conversation started.
> You may not agree with the analysis or actions outlined in the document -
> which is great - it means you have an opinion and can contribute to
> refining and shaping Linux Australia's strategy by sharing your thoughts,
> opinions and alternative viewpoints and recommended actions.
> Everyone with the link is able to comment on the document.
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WFeIm-TWVJX-u3gIM9K-hy-91-WFRrs4VVeDDIXCIQo/edit?usp=sharing
> My intention is that this document - 'Inflection Point' -  will spur a
> conversation and debate within the community. It will then be Council's
> decision whether they choose to accept and/or adopt the recommended actions
> in this document.
> Please understand this is not a 'pitch' or similar for a nomination to
> Council - I'm undecided about whether to stand next year due to other life
> commitments in 2016.
> As always, your feedback and comments are warmly welcomed.
> Kind regards,
> Kathy
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