[Linux-aus] Re-igniting the Membership Committee

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Thu Feb 11 23:00:47 AEDT 2016


Have been following this thread with some interest and I guess my take 
is something along the lines of "A bit of Column A, Bit of Column B, Bit 
of Column C..." :)

To elaborate on what I think are the key points as I'd see them - and I 
seek to do so as a member of the community in this case, not speaking 
for the Council or President though I'm sure they all have views too :)


* The tooling we use to manage our membership is important - it should 
meet the various technical and non technical requirements.

* Tools should also be philosophically aligned with LA

* Tools should be maintainable, ideally without relying on any one 
person or organisation

* The membership and voting tools are important for us as an 
organisation, but not ultimately our core business.  I'd be reluctant 
then to burn too many cycles of our wonderful but busy volunteers on 
choosing and maintaining them.

* The most open question on my mind is actually how many members we have 
- a way to non-intrusively reach out to the 3000+ people in the DB and 
ascertain their disposition towards their membership is I think a 
priority and a relatively urgent one at that.

* We probably need a list of requirements somewhere in all this.  This 
probably comes from the Council ultimately, but should be drawn from the 
wisdom of the broader membership

* I'm not sure a bid process is necessary - my gut feeling is that I'd 
like a committee or group to form with a wide enough range of views and 
maturity to work out among themselves what the best technical solution 
is and recommend this :)

There's probably other things, but that's a bit of a braindump for now.


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