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K... have I been bat stupid and blind?
(kind reminders if I am plse :-) )

But who and what are the "Linux Foundation" ???
Where is their place in the Linux timeline and what are they?
A business, or entity aligned with ours?

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A new job has been posted on the Linux Australia website.

Job Description

The Linux Foundation is looking for a Linux Systems Engineer to join the
Certification IT team. The Certification IT team is responsible for the
development and support of the Certification Platform which hosts various
skills based technical exams.

For more information about our service, visit https://training.linuxfoundati

This role is a full time remote position. All we ask is that you are based
in Australia. Salary range is $95,000 to $109,000 excluding superannuation.

The Linux Foundation is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply for the role, send a short email with your resume attached to
it-jobs at linuxfoundation.org.

Job Responsibilities

 - Assist in design, development, testing, implementation, deployment and
maintenance of distributed systems across multiple regions within different
Cloud providers.
 - Provide level 3 technical support to Linux Foundation support staff on
platform operational related issues.
 - Document technical design and processes for Linux Foundation team

Skills and Technical Experience

 - Advanced Linux system programming in bash and python.
 - Linux systems management using SaltStack and the SaltStack API.
 - Low level Linux system administration experience with CentOS, Ubuntu and
openSUSE with excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills.
 - Experience using git for version control.
 - Experience with AWS services EC2, CloudFormation, SQS, S3, VPC, IAM and
Route53 in a production environment.
 - OpenStack experience running in a production environment.
 - Experience with building and deploying Docker containers within
production environments.
 - Python experience in building HTTP API clients and servers.
 - A demonstrated ability in writing technical documentation for team
members to communicate complex design, concepts and workflows.
 - Ability to work autonomously from a remote location with team members
being located in the United States, Canada and Australia.


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