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Chris Debenham chris at adebenham.com
Mon Apr 25 22:17:04 AEST 2016

Perhaps if you wish to be taken seriously you should introduce yourself
more fully.
Explain who you are, what your technical background is, links to source you
have written /contributed to,  things like that.
By showing a background in related development it would lend credence to
your words.

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On Mon, 25 Apr 2016 20:44:59 +0930
"David Lloyd" <lloy0076 at adam.com.au> wrote:
> Well,
> > Dude, seriously, you should rather top post...
> Really? No.
> > You posted: (i think?)
> > that i did not read what Noel said? (i did)
> My apologies - to be more precise, then, comprehend.
in which way then?  you simply saying that hardly explains anything...
(or makes it so) I do understand that you believe that, but lets move
from belief to fact? So, simply say what it is that is not

> > that I am redistributing spam assassin (i am not - i do not use it)
> > that I am an amateur spammer :)
> You're describing a product which sounds very like it.
 no, actually not. see, so you can learn something

even from a vague amateur spammer :)

SA works by 'judging'  an actual received spam - and a dnsbl rejects
spam before your email server receives it as the sender is blacklisted
(or accepts email on a whitelist basis - my system does that for ipv6)

there are various dnsbl


> > spammer 101 is vague details and appeals to emotion?
> No, it implies you don't know what you're talking about; you haven't
> really proved me wrong.


> > any linux techie with some experience can read / understand what i
> > am saying instead of a vague accusation - why do you not say
> > exactly what
> is
> > vague to you so I can explain it better ?
> Others have done so already - why would I bother to do so myself when
> you clearly don't comprehend what they've said to you?

not sure what to say to all that. I guess, the best answer is that my
subject is not belief or emotion or anything vague :) - it is science

you either are an expert in your field - or you are just an expert -
everyone these days is an expert

Maybe spend the time and re-read everything that I have written and
then if you like I can teach/help/explain something to you - but be
exact in what you do not understand as the subjects are rather involved
and many on the list probably know the basics already

As this is a Linux list - with many many programmers and well skilled
Linux sysadmins - I am very sure we can all quickly figure out what is
what :)


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