[Linux-aus] Event Checklist for Linux Australia events

Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Mon Apr 25 12:28:02 AEST 2016

Hi everyone,

You're receiving this email as you're either on the Linux Australia 
general mailing list, or you're currently on an event subcommittee for a 
Linux Australia event.

The Council often receives inquiries along the lines of 'what do I have 
to do to run a Linux Australia event?'. Well, we're super excited that 
you asked, because now we have a markdown list of what to expect. Yay 
lists! It's almost like an agenda :-)


The Event Checklist doesn't replace our Subcommittee Policy [1], but 
does provide a handy list of things to consider to plan your event, your 
subcommittee and the administrative structure of running your event 
under the Linux Australia umbrella. Think of the policy as the 'what' 
and the Event Checklist as the 'how'.

Furthermore, it assists Council (whose membership changes from year to 
year) in ensuring an understanding of any action items that need to be 
undertaken by the Linux Australia Council.

As always, your feedback, suggestions and comments are warmly welcomed.

A huge thanks to Tony Breeds, Joshua Hesketh and the current Council for 
their input and feedback on this Checklist - hugely appreciated.

With kind regards,
Kathy Reid


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