[Linux-aus] Spam :: Linux Device

ac ac at main.me
Sun Apr 24 17:09:50 AEST 2016


I notice that this list and the LUV lists still have the odd spam
getting through bayes, rbl's, etc. 

I have developed a new type of anti spam tech based on old tech (dev by
Paul Vixie) 

I am calling it a "neuron network rbl"  - no, it is not yet on google
and yes, it is new - You and a handful of other people know more about
it than anyone else on the planet. 

Two things: 

Firstly I am looking to find someone in AU to work with? Can anyone
help/suggest/advise? - The devices can be leased/rented at an
affordable rate by anyone with mail server and other models of the
devices offer also screening mail servers (sits in front of your
production mail server  --> like an email firewall  (see ascii at end
of post)

Secondly I would like to contribute to help stop the obvious last mile
spam on the Linux lists... again two options...

If the committee could discuss and let me know? ::

So, I have a production device that I can offer the lists to use, which
will help to control last mile spam, the actual costs are just the
costs of a vps and I have no problem carrying that myself for a few
months as a cheap but reliable vps costs $4.5 per month 

or if the admin(s) sends me the lists ipv4 facing MX you can simply use
the spamid.net - rbl(s) - (implimentation is similar to the spamcop.net
rbl) and then I can volunteer to maintain a devolved neuron for the

Some more background: - 
The more neurons in your network, the greater the effect (similar
to the effect of resolver amplification and bot tech, but with the
obvious non focus on the network this specific tech is non amplified -
actually with no resolver amplification technology, just in case
someone out there worries about that, the basic/small versions uses an
almost vanilla bind9, iptables, etc) 

The complete separation of the vps offers an additional layer of security as it is simply added as an rbl in exim/postfix/ms-exchange/etc and managed through a web interface - easy peasy  - all my
tech is completely devolved (I learned this from 25+ years of spam
research and spammers/cyber criminals - so, to attack the tech you have
to attack everyone and everything - but the anti spam net itself works
similar to a huge strongly encrypted botnet, but unlike zeus et al,
control is neural devolutus (rolling and ongoing, not devolved as it
still reads forward even though it is done)

Of course as I continue dev on the neuron network it is also becoming
more sophisticated and in a year or so it will also be able to offer
predictive strikes and some really seriously cool other features :)



Internet -->   Your email server  < -- > your neuron / neural network 


Internet --> Your neural neuron --> Your email server

Yes, neurons are re-useable - they can be used for many things - squid,
bgp, etc etc and yes, resolver tech works on other network layers...
and yes, resolver amplification tech has national security / military implications
- for countries... more specifically when combined with other tech.  


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