[Linux-aus] Conference favourite Bacon to keynote linux.conf.au 2016 Geelong - LCA By the Bay

Kathy Reid - Team linux.conf.au 2016 Geelong - LCA By the Bay info at lcabythebay.org.au
Tue Nov 24 20:03:20 AEDT 2015

  Crowd favourite Bacon to headline linux.conf.au

Newly-appointed Director of Community at GitHub, Jono Bacon, will be one 
of four outstanding keynotes for linux.conf.au in February 2016. Bacon, 
formerly Community Manager at Canonical - the company behind Linux 
distribution Ubuntu, and author of the best-selling ‘The Art of 
Community’, will deliver insights into building strong, effective, 
diverse and successful technical communities.

Bacon shared his enthusiasm for keynoting linux.conf.au. “I am 
absolutely delighted to be joining you all in Geelong in 2016. LCA is a 
cornerstone in the global Linux and Open Source movement and I am not 
only excited about speaking but also getting to know all the attendees 
at the event”, Bacon says.

Conference Director, David Bell, was thrilled to announce Mr Bacon as 
Keynote Speaker.

“Our theme for linux.conf.au 2016 is ‘Life is better with Linux’ - and 
the strength of our Linux and open source communities contribute 
significantly to that aspiration. Robust, diverse, and inclusive 
communities happen by design, not accident, and Jono has done an 
enormous amount to shape that. It’s truly an honour to be able to host 
him in Geelong in February.”

One of the most respected technical conferences in Australia, Linux 
Conference Australia (linux.conf.au) will make Geelong home between 
1st-5th February 2016. The conference is expected to attract over 500 
national and international professional and hobbyist developers, 
technicians and innovative hardware specialists, and will feature nearly 
100 Speakers and presentations over five days. Deakin University’s 
stunning Waterfront Campus will host the conference, leveraging state of 
the art networking and audio visual facilities.

The conference delivers Delegates a range of presentations and tutorials 
on topics such as open source hardware, open source operating systems 
and open source software, storage, containers and related issues such as 
patents, copyright and technical community development.

Linux <http://linux.org.au>is a computer operating system, in the same 
way that MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS are operating systems. It can 
be used on desktop computers, servers, and increasingly on mobile 
devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Linux embodies the ‘open source’ paradigm of software development, which 
holds that source code – the code that is used to give computers and 
mobile devices functionality – should be ‘open’. That is, the source 
code should be viewable, modifiable and shareable by the entire 
community. There are a number of benefits to the open source paradigm, 
including facilitating innovation, sharing and re-use. The ‘open’ 
paradigm is increasingly extending to other areas such as open 
government, open culture, open health and open education.

Potential Delegates and Speakers are encouraged to remain up to date 
with conference news through one of the following channels;


Twitter: @linuxconfau, hashtag #lca2016




IRC: #linux.conf.au on freenode.net

Email: info at lcabythebay.org.au

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