[Linux-aus] Linux on MacBook vs OSX used as Linux

Michele Bert micbert75 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 18:49:49 AEDT 2015

2015-11-22 1:47 GMT+01:00 Tennessee Leeuwenburg <tleeuwenburg at gmail.com>:

> I don't see any particular reason to avoid updating OSX other than not
> doing it too frequently to minimise hassle. The current latest OSX works
> very well for me.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I tried Lion for a period, when it was released, but my 2Gb-ram machine
settled down, so I get back to Snow Leopard, not without trouble. Later I
upgrade it to 3Gb (why 3 are you wondering? Do you really wan o know it? I
can explain, even if I would go a bit OT :-D ), but I never took the risk
of trying any newer OS.

I find macports usefull for a number of small tool I am used to have under
linux, while I use native version for big open source suites like Gimp,
NeoOffice, and of course web browser and mail client.
I have never taken the time to search any music and photo catalogs, to
replace iphoto and itunes, but I would like to.

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