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Joshua Hesketh president at linux.org.au
Sun Nov 15 22:16:27 AEDT 2015

Hi Derren,

My apologies for the delay in returning to you. The council discussed
this during our teleconf on the 4th of November.



    Grant application from Derren Desouza


        MOTION Josh H, Linux Australia Council politely declines the
        grant request given the feedback from the Community*.*


        Seconded Craige

      o Passed unanimously

We wish you the best of luck with your project and hope that this
doesn't discourage you.

Kind regards,
LA Council

On 18/10/15 22:23, Derren Desouza wrote:
> No problem, thank you for the info :)
> On 18/10/15 21:15, Joshua Hesketh wrote:
>> Hello Derren,
>> Thanks for the extra details. I have seen them come through the
>> list. The process is to allow for a minimum of 2 weeks of feedback
>> from the community. After that the council will deliberate and get
>> back to you in due course. Please allow 3-4 weeks due to our
>> meeting timetable.
>> Cheers, Josh
>> On 15/10/15 20:31, Derren Desouza wrote:
>>> Hello Joshua,
>>> I have also sent my request to linux-aus at linux.org.au as you
>>> suggested however if possible I would like my original grant
>>> application to be reconsidered if it was simply missed last time.
>>> The second time around I applied only for an advertising budget
>>> since I assumed I had been rejected.
>>> The need for funding to support hosting, ssl certificates, url 
>>> registration etc did not change it just came out of my own
>>> pocket. Also android and ios application development, multisig
>>> support, additional hosting resources, peer review, platform
>>> migration, I need to host my own bitcoin node rather than rely on
>>> the blockchain.info api and undoubtedly numerous other milestones
>>> that are not occurring to me on the spot right now are still to
>>> be implemented which are all additional to the publicity budget.
>>> My project is built on 100% opensource software, it provides a
>>> valuable service to the community by protecting them from
>>> counterfeiting and lets them verify who the original producers of
>>> their products are.
>>> Other solutions being floated in the 3D printing space involve
>>> exotic ideas like "quantum dots" and "imperfect crystals" which
>>> glow a particular colour when light at a certain frequency is
>>> shined upon them.
>>> I am incorporating cryptography and blockchain technology in one
>>> go and it's all built on top of and powered by linux.
>>> On 13/10/15 12:54, Joshua Hesketh wrote:
>>>> Hello Derren,
>>>> Firstly my sincere apologies that we appear to have missed your
>>>> previous grant application. I don't recall seeing an email so
>>>> it's possible it got lost in the storm of moderated emails
>>>> sorry.
>>>> Thank you for your grant request, the council will deliberate
>>>> over it. In the mean time, would you mind sending your request
>>>> to linux-aus at linux.org.au for the wider membership to provide
>>>> feedback? The process is documented here:
>>>> http://linux.org.au/projects/grants
>>>> Thanks, Josh
>>>> On 08/10/15 15:01, Derren Desouza wrote:
>>>>> Hello again,
>>>>> Allow me to begin by by thanking the council for completely
>>>>> ignoring my previous grant application lodged six months ago,
>>>>> had I asked for funds to print t-shirts or inflate balloons I
>>>>> expect I may have had more success.
>>>>> I would like to apply for a grant for advertisement revenue. 
>>>>> I have developed my website explained in my previous email
>>>>> which may be viewed below to a usable level but my aims have
>>>>> not changed.
>>>>> I would humbly request funding for 1000 impressions per day
>>>>> for the next 180 days on coindesk.org, at $35 (US) CPM, which
>>>>> would be $8820 (AU) or $1470 per month for the next six
>>>>> months.
>>>>> On 14/05/15 13:39, Derren Desouza wrote:
>>>>>> Date: 14/05/2014
>>>>>> Project Name: CPOP - Cryptographic Proof Of Production
>>>>>> Aim of Project: Produce a service for the general public
>>>>>> whereby normal people will be able to verify to an
>>>>>> exceptional hight degree of certainty that products or
>>>>>> services provided to them originated from the source that
>>>>>> they expect with ease.
>>>>>> A prototype is already available for testing at
>>>>>> http://cryptoproof.info
>>>>>> Please see attached proposal for further details.
>>>>>> Person Responsible for Request: Derren Desouza (myself)
>>>>>> Request: $2000 per calendar month for the next 12 months.
>>>>>> _______________________________________________ committee
>>>>>> mailing list committee at lists.linux.org.au 
>>>>>> http://lists.linux.org.au/mailman/listinfo/committee

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