[Linux-aus] Request: Officially oppose TPP Source Code provision

Ian ilox11 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 17:47:00 AEDT 2015

Picking on clauses is an interesting exercise but what we all need to be
aware of is that the whole block of the TPP is an all or nothing agreement.
Our Parliament has only two choices, to accept the TPP in its entirety or
to reject it in its entirety. No 'party' has the right to negotiate which
parts of the TPP it will honour and which it will ignore. That is the crux
of the problem with the TPP. It has been negotiated in secret with only
bureaucrats and corporate entities involved in those negotiations. Then
they have trundled out the pollies to "sign" the agreements on behalf of
their respective nations. Now the Government of the day, through a small
Treaty sub-Committee of Federal Parliament, is to rubber stamp the
agreement which means we as Australians adopt all of the package, good and

It is an interesting idea asking LA to advocate against certain clauses but
unless you are asking LA to advocate against the entirety then there is
little that any action by LA can affect. The clauses in the TPP cannot be
re-written to suit any one 'party' nation.

Personally I think the TPP has enough stench that it should be opposed but
that is only a personal view. I cant expect a body such as LA to take a
public stance on the TPP based on a couple of clauses that may or may not
mean what us laymen think they mean.

It must be noted that the EFF have clearly come out in opposition to a
number of aspects of the package and therefore are against the adoption of
the TPP [1] and I think it is entirely reasonable for LA to attach their
support to the EFA in this stance as they have done at times in the past.

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