[Linux-aus] Grant request: Venue hire and catering for Drupal8 Launch party

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
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Yes, I think it’s a good cause and I know Donna’s quite capable of promoting LA and the conference (although I’m not sure I could feed 80 ravenous open source like people with just that amount :P).


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I'd normally be a little wary of spending LA money on a launch party, but as this is funds raised at another Drupal event it seems reasonable to me.


I vote in favour.





On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 1:53 PM, Donna Benjamin <donna at kattekrab.net <mailto:donna at kattekrab.net> > wrote:

Date: 9 November 2015

Project Name: Drupal 8 Release Party

Aim of Project: Celebrate the launch of Drupal 8

Person Responsible for Request: Donna Benjamin

Request: Dear Council and LA Community,

I would like to request we use some of the operating surplus from DrupalSouth in Melbourne this year to cover venue hire and catering for a Melbourne Drupal 8 launch party.

This has become something of a tradition in the Drupal community - there were launch parties all over the world in 2011 when Drupal 7 was released.

Drupal 8 is due for release on November 19th. We are organising a party in Melbourne on the 20th.  This also co-incides with Global Training Day.

We're planning a party for 40-80 people, and would like to provide substantial nibbles and celebratory cupcakes.  The venue requires us to commit to a minimum spend of $1000.  I will also be seeking sponsorship from companies in the Drupal community.  However, the Melbourne community are already organising a DrupalCamp for the following weekend, and I am conscious that many of the Usual Suspects have already committed support for that event, and I don't want to exhaust their goodwill.

I ask Linux Australia to contribute $1000 - which ensures we meet the venue's minimum spend requirements, and that the volunteers organising this event will not be out of pocket if we can't raise funds from sponsors.

I will be making some opening remarks at the party, and would mention Linux Australia's role in supporting not only the Drupal community, but all open source communities Australia. Promote the upcoming linux.conf.au <http://linux.conf.au>  in Geelong, shower LA in twitter kudos, and put the Linux Australia logo on our event website, which should be ready in a day or so.

I realise there is less than the required 2 weeks until the event, so I also request the community provides their feedback quickly so council is able to make a timely decision, as I will need to work to find alternative funds to cover these costs.

Thank you for considering this grant request.
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