[Linux-aus] Open Radio Miniconf Call for Presentations at LCA2016

Kim Hawtin kim at hawtin.net.au
Sun Nov 8 08:47:39 AEDT 2015

Morning all,

The Call for Presentations for the Open Radio Miniconf at LCA2016 is now 
open! All details are available on the LCA2016 wiki at 

A copy of the CfP is included below - please pass this along to your 
radio and open source networks and anyone else that you may think would 
be interested.

As highlighted in the CfP below, we're especially keen to make the Open 
Radio Minconf a diverse and inclusive event. If you know anyone from a 
group that is typically under-represented at tech events who may be 
interested in presenting, please take a moment to forward this CfP on to 



== Open Radio Miniconf Call for Presentations at LCA2016 ==
=== Submission Dates ===

*    November 1st, Announce CfP for talks
*    November 30th, Close CfP
*    December 13th, announce programme
*    February 2nd, MiniConf [1]

=== 'No pressure' policy ===
The Open Radio Miniconf is a low-pressure event, and we strongly 
encourage anyone who has an idea for an radio-related talk to submit a 
proposal even if you've never presented at a conference before. Please 
share this CfP with anyone you know who may otherwise not consider 
submitting a proposal.

=== Commitment to Diversity ===
We are especially keen to present a diverse range of experiences and 
voices, and actively encourage women and people from other groups that 
are frequently under-represented at tech events to submit a proposal. 
Please share this CfP with anyone you know who may fit with this objective.

=== Suggested Presentation Topics ===

Any topic which is related to both radio and open source technologies is 
considered on-topic for the Open Radio Miniconf.

Some ideas include:

* Hardware for SDR
* Software for SDR
* Protocols over the air
* Digital voice
* Understanding data modes
* Encoding and Decoding data
* Logging data or voice
* Positioning
* Radio direction finding
* Here's a cool thing I did with my SDR
* Take a look at my new modem for digital modes
* Simple data links with cheap radio chips

=== Presentation Format ===
Presentations will be 'lightning talks' session with multiple 5-15 
minute mini-presentations. Ideally we would like to see proposals for 
longer lightning talks, you can also just present on the day (this is a 
very low-pressure way to ease yourself into presenting, so please have a 
think in advance about what you'd like to present).

=== Need some help? ===
If you have an idea (or the beginning of an idea) for a presentation for 
the Open Radio Miniconf, we'd be very happy to talk it through with you 
to help you develop it further. Email Kim VK5FJ at vk5fj at wia.org.au or 
ping him at @vk5fj on Twitter to start the conversation.

=== Code of Conduct ===
Anyone presenting at the Open Miniconf is bound by the same Code of 
Conduct as presenters and conference attendees of the main conference. 
The full LCA2016 Code of Conduct is at 

To help ensure that presentations comply with the Code of Conduct, we 
require presenters to submit a copy of their presentation/slide deck for 
review by Monday 25th January, 2016 (one week prior to the start of LCA).

=== Presenter Responsibilities ===
Presenters at the Open Radio Miniconf must be registered attendees of 
the main LCA2016 conference. Presenters are responsible for their own 
conference registration, travel, and accommodation costs.

=== How to Submit Proposals ===

Please submit your proposal(s) by email Kim VK5FJ at vk5fj at wia.org.au
We encourage you to submit multiple proposals if you have multiple ideas.


Open Radio Miniconf Net Operator

PS - copy used with permission from the Astronomy Miniconf CfP

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