[Linux-aus] Request: Officially oppose TPP Source Code provision

Craige McWhirter craige at mcwhirter.com.au
Fri Nov 6 16:55:44 AEDT 2015

On 06/11/15 10:41, Michael Cordover wrote:

> While there is some ambiguity (in a trade agreement? shocking! /s) I
> very much doubt this has great significance for open source generally.

It's the ambiguity that concerns me the most. If we comment too hastily
without an informed legal opinion, we risk losing what ever credibility
we may have brought to the table.

Rather than rushing out in opposition, I would be more in favour of us
first seeking an informed legal opinion and responding on the basis of
said opinion.

Craige McWhirter
M: 0468591819
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