[Linux-aus] Request: Officially oppose TPP Source Code provision

Andrew Donnellan andrew at donnellan.id.au
Fri Nov 6 10:46:54 AEDT 2015

On 6 November 2015 at 10:27, Luke John <email at lukejohn.me> wrote:
> Hopefully someone will be able to give a more expert opinion, however
> even on a conservative reading this section appears to have at least
> the following two outcomes.
> Governments are unable to set open source as a procurement requirement.

I'm not sure about this myself, but I can see that as a potential issue.

> Governments are unable to require certain software be open to
> inspection by public or government.
> Whilst the second isn't something I understand to be a current
> practice, it is certainly something that has been called for by parts
> of our community.  With the recent VW scandal it has also attracted
> the wider publics attention and there's been encouraging discussion of
> it.

Yeah, this is a concern.

Andrew Donnellan
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