[Linux-aus] Acknowledgement of country (Russell Coker)

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Time to register Linux Aust as a poll-tix partie.(sic intended)
Bouncy fluffy puppies avatar's????

I want to vomit.

Indigenous Australian recognition is a given and I am sure it's already
been addressed a long time ago.
Don't fuck that up with SJW BS dickhead.


On Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 6:22 PM, Patrick Elliott-Brennan <
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> Re; >    5. Acknowledgement of country (Russell Coker)
> > Subject: [Linux-aus] Acknowledgement of country
> > In the past some LA events have had an Acknowledgement of Country in the
> introduction but as far as I am aware we have no policy on this. I think we
> should have a policy that all LA events held in Australia should start with
> an Acknowledgement of Country or Welcome to Country. Also events in other
> countries such as NZ should show respect to indigenous people in an
> appropriate manner.
> >
> Excellent idea. While there are groups and individuals who have raised
> concerns about such things (Rhoda Roberts being one, though her
> concerns related to 'a lack of heart' and 'tokenism' which are
> reflections on her views of those conducting them and demanding them)
> anything which acknowledges the original inhabitants and openly states
> a welcoming attitude is a good idea.
> There's always room for improvement and inclusiveness.
> Having attended quite a few and spoken to those conducting them, it is
> the minimum level of recognition and good place to start.
> Regards,
> Patrick
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