[Linux-aus] [sort of OT] Making a better LCA Presentation - Avoiding "Death-By-Powerpoint" [1]

Ian ilox11 at gmail.com
Wed May 27 14:37:11 AEST 2015

I quite agree Nathan. Kathy, while there are many good speakers at an LCA
having a good presentation isn't an automatic expectation. I well recall a
major conference (nothing to do with Linux or software) years back when the
Keynote speaker was an important person representing an International
organisation based in Geneva. She was on a salary of 7 digits and she had a
great message to present. Unfortunately her slides were quite average and
certainly not what I would have expected considering the resources she
would have been able to utilise in her organisation. Later during a tea
break I was able to offer her several tips on better presentations and her
remarks were, "Why didn't my staff tell me what you're telling me?".

"Death-by-PowerPoint" is rife throughout the world of presentations - just
Google the phrase and see how many responses you get - and there isn't
anything to suggest that LCA might somehow be immune to that. Not all
speakers will have bad slides and none of us should expect that to be the
case for every Speaker. However with new research on how presentations can
be improved I think the suggestions about a template and hints should be
developed and updated to encourage Speakers to put their best efforts
towards a good presentation.

Here are some good starting points:

This one takes speakers through the process of developing their

This guides speakers on ways to avoid "Death by PowerPoint":

Giving a good presentation doesn't have to be difficult, with good sensible
Guidelines in place it can make the task simple. You have several of us
willing to help out as advisors and as a pre-audience.
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