[Linux-aus] What's happening with the Membership Committee?

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Sun Jun 14 12:39:15 AEST 2015

Hi Kathy,

> On 14 Jun 2015, at 7:57 am, Kathy Reid <kathy at kathyreid.id.au> wrote:
> My recommendation is that LA is now large enough, and has big enough communications needs that it makes sense to go for something like CiviCRM. We don't homebrew the website anymore - we use an established platform. It no longer makes sense to homebrew the membership platform. CiviCRM also sits on top of Drupal, meaning that platform change at the website level wouldn't be needed. But Mikal is right, this would need to be scoped - and it's a big piece of work - but one in the long run I think is very valuable.


I’m not that familiar with Drupal at all (apart from being able to install it and use its administrative interface) but I know it’s a good platform in and of itself.

It sounds like it’s a medium to large project and one of those meta-projects that needs to be done but could conflict with the actual aims of the organisation in the short term (however, done well, it would probably have a medium-to-long term benefit).

Where are all those management consultants shipped out from outer space gone? Ok, I’ve been re-reading the Hitch Hiker’s “trilogy” of late :P


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