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For anyone interested,

Best, K.

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Subject: 	[SFD-announce] Education Freedom Day on March 21st 2015!
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Dear all,

For its second edition Education Freedom Day is coming back full speed 
on a better date for the people from the south of the planet and the 
people in China (at least). We have indeed listen to the scheduling 
problems and have moved the event to the third Saturday of March.

As usual for all our Freedom celebrations the process is similar, you 
get together and decide to organize an event, then create a page in our 
wiki[1] and register your team[2]. As the date approaches you get to put 
more information in your wiki page (or on your organization website 
which is linked from the wiki) such as the date and time, the location 
and what people can expect to see.

Education Freedom Day is really the opportunity to review all the 
available Free Educational Resources available, how they have improved 
since last year and what you should start planning to implement to 
deploy in the coming months.

We try to list the major materials we hear about (a few of them at 
least) in our wiki [3] which goes from specific tuition to complete 
solutions making sure those are really Free as in Freedom. Some involve 
software, some don't (except for the materials to follow). You can of 
course help us to complete the list by editing the wiki.

Artworks and promotional banners[4], countdown[5] are available for use 
and reuse. All can be found on the wiki (we've added the links below.

We wish you the best possible time to prepare and spend EFD and will 
blog on DFF website[6] as we get closer to the event, about the various 
things we feel could be interesting. Should you be up to sharing your 
experience don't hesitate to email the EFD mailing list, and why not be 
invited to blog on our website!

Thanks a lot and happy EFD!


Digital Freedom Foundation
[1] - http://wiki.educationfreedomday.org
[2] - http://www.educationfreedomday.org/cgi-bin/register.py
[3] - http://wiki.educationfreedomday.org/Resources
[4] - http://wiki.educationfreedomday.org/Promote
[5] - http://wiki.educationfreedomday.org/CountDown
[6] - http://www.digitalfreedomfoundation.org/

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