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Where can one submit paper(s) for that one (or other miniconf)? The
sysadmin one has an email but the other simply point to the site.


On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 6:56 AM, Simon Lyall
<simon.lyall at lca2015.linux.org.au> wrote:
> "Software defined everything," DevOps, and cloud are driving open
> source further and faster than we might have imagined possible just a
> decade ago. Most recently, Docker containers and orchestration have
> opened up all kinds of new opportunities to develop, deploy, and
> manage software from the developer's desktop well into production.
> The linux.conf.au 2015 organisers are pleased to announce the Clouds,
> Containers, and Orchestration miniconf at LCA in Auckland, New Zealand
> during January 2015. The miniconf will focus on the open source tools
> and best practices for working with cloud tools, containers, and
> orchestration software (e.g., Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, geard, and
> others). We'll have the leading developers working on those tools, as
> well as users who are deploying them in real production environments
> to share their knowledge and show where tools will be going in 2015.
> Joe Brockmeier, the miniconf organiser, has a long history of
> involvement with Linux and open source. Currently he works on Red
> Hat's Open Source and Standards (OSAS) team, and is involved with
> Project Atomic, the Fedora Project's Cloud Working Group, is a member
> of the Apache Software Foundation. He is a technology journalist and
> has written for ReadWriteWeb, LWN, Linux.com, Linux Magazine, Linux
> Pro Magazine, ZDNet, and many others.
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> Linux.conf.au Miniconfs
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> conference, which are targeted towards specific communities of
> interest and offer delegates an opportunity to network with other
> enthusiasts while immersing themselves in a specific topic or project.
> LCA2015 miniconfs will be run on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th of
> January 2015. Each miniconf's schedule is organised by the miniconf's
> organiser and will be published ahead of time, listing speakers and
> sessions for the day.
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