[Linux-aus] Thank you

Linux Australia Secretary secretary at linux.org.au
Tue Jul 15 20:31:46 EST 2014

Dear Mary,

On behalf of the Linux Australia Council, and all Members, we would like 
to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your tireless and 
determined efforts to further the representation of women in free and 
open source communities throughout Australia an internationally. 
Specifically, the OWOOT program, and antecedent organisations such as 
AussieChix, have provided a valuable and welcome space for women to 
become more engaged in free and open source programs.

Although OWOOT is now disbanded, the legacy of this organisation lives 
on, as evidenced by the increasing rates of participation of women and 
other minority cohorts in open source events, contributions and 

Thank you Mary.

With kind regards,

Joshua Hesketh
Hugh Blemings
Francois Marier
Kathy Reid
Sae Ra Germaine
Josh Stewart
Christopher Neugebauer

Linux Australia Council 2014

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

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