[Linux-aus] Linux.conf.au 2015 - Miniconfs

Simon Lyall simon.lyall at lca2015.linux.org.au
Wed Jul 9 21:42:00 EST 2014

Hi All,

Just a reminder to everybody the the Linux.conf.au 2015 Call for
Miniconfs closes this weekend. If you'd like to propose a Miniconf
then you need to get your proposal in soon.


* If you'd like a hand with your proposal or you have a questions
about the venue (like the height of the ceilings) then feel free to
pop an email.

* If you'd like to work with a local we'll try and find someone but
please ask us now.

* If there is a Miniconf you'd like to attend then make sure somebody
has actually proposed it. Talk to people in the field to make sure
somebody is proposing it, BeOrganised.

LCA 2015 Helper

Note: I am not on the Papers Committee, I do not get a say on what
Miniconfs are selected. Questions for them go to papers-chair at

PS: Personally I've got an idea for a Miniconf. Just have around 24
ten-minute talks on a variety of subjects. Have all talks scheduled
and perhaps group similar talks togeather so people can come and go
easily. Sort of like a scaled up lightning talks but with slides and a
proper schedule. I'm doing other stuff so I can't propose it but if
anyone else wants to run with it...

Simon Lyall | Volunteer | Linux.conf.au 2015 conference |

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