[Linux-aus] Photos at conferences

Pomke Nohkan pomke at pomke.com
Thu Jan 23 14:37:08 EST 2014

> BTW the language i used was intent to get certain people to realise what a
> jerk they are being, and, is also available on any FTA or cable station, you
> are most welcome to filter me out if you disagree with the way i rapped him
> over the knuckles, its pretty easy, I dont hide behind anonymous services
> like gmail

Yet this isn't a free to air or cable station, it's a collaborative
environment made up of diverse people from many backgrounds working
together to promote a cause we're all passionate about.

The very point of a Code of Conduct is to protect that diversity by
laying down a standard of behaviour designed to make ALL people feel
welcome and inclusive.

Telling people to filter you out rather than asking you to abide by
our code and not swear on the ML seems counter to those goals of

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