[Linux-aus] Photos at conferences

Peter Lawler linux-aus at bleeter.id.au
Wed Jan 22 13:33:33 EST 2014

On 22/01/14 11:29, Russell Coker wrote:

> There has been some discussion about whether something on a badge can be seen
> clearly enough etc, well apparently it's seen well enough for Autscape.  I
> guess the issue is not how visible the badge is but how much the photographer
> cares to look for it.

I would suggest that if a 'no photo' sticker, or similar indicator, 
policy was implemented, there is *an implied duty of care* for anyone 
present performing photography to check when taking a photo, or at most 
before publishing one, that the target/s of said do not have such a no 
photo request 'advertised' anywhere.

I shan't go in to discussions about 'photography free' type zones in 
audience groups as I feel that's been reasonably covered earlier.

Thankfully, now we're in the age of digital photography. We can do 
amazing things that were impossible 15 years ago. For eg, someone walks 
in to frame and they're a bit blurry but you note they're a 'no photo': 
review the picture and approach the person and talk with them about it. 
There are solutions as well in regard of facial recognition software [or 
even just simple editing tools] running on the camera device that can 
blur/crop/pixellate an area out that may be a happy middle ground for 
some people. However that having such technology shouldn't be carte 
blanche to snap away and ask questions later.

Personally, I'd prefer a 'Photos welcome' indicator as that makes it 
opt-in rather than opt-out. But that's probably just me being... 
something or other.


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