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Nathan Bailey nate at polynate.net
Tue Jan 21 09:25:30 EST 2014

I know plenty of people who don't like photos, but most of them don't like
being the focal point of a photo (a-b), and accept photos from a distance
(c), but would probably be uncomfortable being in the front row of (d).

I am inclined to agree with Simon; if someone is the focal point of a
photo, you should ask, but beyond this, it's going to be difficult to

Personally, I would think taking a photo and then asking might be okay in
some circumstances (eg. (d)), so that you can get a candid photo but if
people don't like it, it can be deleted. But I can also understand how just
the act of being photographed could be distressing for some people.

Perhaps someone could convene a (private) discussion for people who feel
strongly about not being photographed to talk about what their boundaries
are and what their ideas might be for handling this well? One solution
could be to have "no photo" zones, but this could turn Rosa Parks-ish.


On 21 January 2014 08:54, Cameron Simpson <cs at zip.com.au> wrote:

> On 21Jan2014 08:28, Simon Lyall <simon at darkmere.gen.nz> wrote:
> > On Mon, 20 Jan 2014, Bianca Gibson wrote:
> > > Our code of conduct says "If someone indicates they don't wish to be
> > > photographed, respect that wish", but that doesn't help if you don't
> notice
> > > them taking the photo. It's not practical to be constantly watching for
> > > someone taking a photo.
> >
> > My question is what are we trying to prevent here?
> > Is it:
> >
> > (a) Somebody sticking a camera in somebody's face and taking multiple
> > close-ups when they don't want to be bothered:
> >
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/simonlyall/11855040993/in/set-72157639586990105
> >
> > (b) Pictures of a single attendees taken from a distance:
> >
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/simonlyall/11854994473/in/set-72157639586990105
> >
> > (c) Pictures of several people taken from a distance:
> >
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/simonlyall/11855547076/in/set-72157639586990105
> I would think all of these 3.
> > (d) Medium shot of people sitting at talks, featuring dozens of
> >      easily-identifyable people:
> >
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/simonlyall/11799143773/in/set-72157639497006444
> And probably this 4th.
> I know personally some people who _never_ like to be photographed.
> While this may prevent them from giving public talks, it should not be a
> bar to attendance.
> So I would say:
>   aside from a speaker actively giving a talk, if the person will
>   be identifiable, ask them before photographing
> Cheers,
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