[Linux-aus] Photos at conferences

Simon Lyall simon at darkmere.gen.nz
Tue Jan 21 06:28:37 EST 2014

On Mon, 20 Jan 2014, Bianca Gibson wrote:
> Our code of conduct says "If someone indicates they don't wish to be
> photographed, respect that wish", but that doesn't help if you don't notice
> them taking the photo. It's not practical to be constantly watching for
> someone taking a photo.

My question is what are we trying to prevent here?

Is it:

(a) Somebody sticking a camera in somebody's face and taking multiple 
close-ups when they don't want to be bothered:


(b) Pictures of a single attendees taken from a distance:


(c) Pictures of several people taken from a distance:


(d) Medium shot of people sitting at talks, featuring dozens of
     easily-identifyable people:


(e) More distance crowd shots where almost nobody can be easily


(f) A speaker giving a talk:


My question is which of the photos above would get me in trouble if the 
person had a "silver" lanyard? I'd like the think just the first.

Are we trying to prevent "Harrasment with a camera" or "X, Y and Z from 
appearing in any photographs" ? If the 1st then it is already covered by 
our existing regulations while I think the second case is something that 
is not realistic in today's camera filled society.

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