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Mark Ellem mark at colmiga.org
Mon Jan 20 21:17:47 EST 2014

Agreed about preference for photography being shown would be nice in an ideal world but maybe the simple thing to do if you want to take a photo of somebody is to ask.

Coloured lanyards at conferences like LCA are used for other designations so using them for photography preference is not practical. 

Also you would need to keep telling the delegates the meaning of the lanyards which although may be mainly understood will in course be missed by some and photos will contain non consenting delegates.

Only thing I can say to conference delegates about your interactions with others: "Be excellent to each other".


Bianca Gibson <bianca.rachel.gibson at gmail.com> wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>After seeing some photos of me at LCA that I didn't know were taken
>been thinking about whether LA should encourage it's conferences to
>an Adacamp inspired photography policy. I'm personally not bothered,
>there have been times when I would have been.
>From the Adacamp policy*:
>"Most attendees will have different colored badge lanyards showing
>preference for photography:
>   - Green: Photographs always okay
>   - Yellow: Ask before photographing
>   - Red: Photographs never okay, don’t ask"
>Lanyards are visible from front and back unless people tuck it in to
>collars. It's not a perfect solution. It'd be a pain for photos of a
>area, such as of the audience in a talk. I think it would reduce close
>shots in which people are very easily identifiable without permission.
>Our code of conduct says "If someone indicates they don't wish to be
>photographed, respect that wish", but that doesn't help if you don't
>them taking the photo. It's not practical to be constantly watching for
>someone taking a photo.
>* http://sf.adacamp.org/attendee-information/policies/#photo
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