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Hi all,
Pls find minutes of last night's Council meeting below - as always your 
questions, feedback and concerns are warmly welcomed.
Kind regards,

Council Minutes Thursday 16th January 2014

MINUTES Council Meeting

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata
2. Log any correspondence for discussion or receipt
3. Review state of action items from previous meetings
4. Discuss starred items
5. Note any unstarred items
6. Other business

Meeting opened at 1946hrs by Mr Josh Hesketh

Present: Mr Josh Hesketh, Mr Francois Marier, Ms Kathy Reid, Mr Josh 
Stewart, Mr Christopher Neugebauer, Ms Sae Ra Germaine

Apologies: Mr Hugh Blemings

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata.

Confirm that the accuracy of;


    Minutes of 17 December

MOTION by Josh Hesketh that the minutes of 17 December are complete and 
accurate, seconded Francois, passed by a majority of Council with one 

2. Log of correspondence


    There have been 41 new members added since last meeting. Membership
    stands at 3089 according to MemberDB


    Grant application from Papua New Guinea Open Source Community from
    UPDATE: There has been some discussion on the linux-aus list
    regarding this grant request. The author has not yet responded.
    Kathy confirmed that Isaac is now a registered member of LA.
    Awaiting further information from ISAAC MANU.


    Feedback from BRENDAN MOLLOY regarding Gender field on Membership
    sign up form
    UPDATE: Kathy has responded, indicating that we are planning on
    doing work on MemberDB in 2014. A requirements doc has been started
    for MemberDB to list the enhancements we would like to see in the
    product. They are written as Agile stories.
    ACTION: Council to review doc before face to face, deferred to face
    to face for discussion


    Grant request from NAT TORKINGTON for KangaFoo
    FOR DISCUSSION and DECISION on grant request
    UPDATE: This was discussed at length at Council 2013 at
    linux.conf.au in Perth, considering many factors relevant to the
    situation. Approval of this grant will be in large part dependent on
    the budget situation.
    DEFERREDuntil budget has been reviewed and budget position for 2014
    is clearer.


    Feedback received from JANET REID regarding proposed budget
    FOR DISCUSSION and INPUT into budget
    Feedback noted with thanks,

ACTION: Josh Hesketh to respond directly to JANET after further budget 


    Moderators for debian list on lists.linux.org.au
    AWAITINGnotification of new moderators


    Change of Planet feed request from SONIA HAMILTON
    UPDATE: Sent to admin team for action, currently IN PROGRESS


    GCLUG current status report from STEVE DALTON
    FOR DISCUSSION on GCLUG becoming Subcommittee of LA

Council briefly discussed this, and noted the need for a proforma for 
this sort of request. It was noted that there is some information on the 
website around becoming a subcommittee. It was noted this page could be 
updated with the insurance policy so LUGs thinking of becoming 
subcommittees could evaluate whether this path is right for them.

DEFERREDfor discussion at next Council meeting


    Request for mirror distribution for MANJARO distro from RINGO de KROON
    UPDATE: Awaiting feedback from Mirror team, IN PROGRESS


    Offer of assistance from ALEC SLOMAN
    Council noted Alec's kind offer of assistance.

ACTION: Kathy to laiise with Alec, introduce to Media Subcommittee


    Videos from other events getting uploaded to YouTube raised by
    FOR DISCUSSION and DECISION on next steps

          Question from Mr STEPHEN WALSH noting that the Mirror Team
          maintain a mirror of Debian, Ubuntu and other distributions
          and videos of linux.conf.au, and given this should Linux
          Australia pursue uploading of videos when outsourced to a
          third party and not the committee

Mr HESKETH responded that he would prefer all videos uploaded from 
conferences to the mirrors. He noted that as a community we help people 
who are doing open source things who don't have as many skills. For 
example, WordCamp don't have the tech skills to do video and might 
choose to outsource to a third party. Mr HESKETH indicated that the 
question required further consideration, as different conferences and 
events have different requirements.

ACTION: Ms KATHY REID took back an action to have this tabled as a 
discussion point at a future Council meeting.

UPDATE: Chris is following up the last two years' Pycon AU teams about 
getting videos uploaded to the mirror.

It was discussed that we will need to liaise with 
conferences/subcommittees in the future and have upload of videos to the 
LA mirror as a condition of being umbrella'd by Linux Australia.

ACTION: Chris to check with RYAN VERNER to see if we can get Pycon AU 
and Drupal DownUnder videos into the mirror

ACTION: Josh H to follow up Dee Teal regarding the WordCamp videos.


    Clinton is seeking information from our legal sources.
    UPDATE:Kathy has responded to advise we are seeking legal advice.

DEFERREDto Council Face to Face for discussion as it is a complex issue.


    Offer of assistance with anti Trans Pacific Partnership agreement
    activities from PAUL GARDNER-STEPHEN
    Council DISCUSSED the submission. Once something is drafted, Josh
    Stewart will send to members to get their support / endorsement, and
    if there is consensus, LA Council will endorse the submission.

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

(Refer Trello for action items and please update current status before 


4. Items for discussion


        Current budget status


            Council DECIDED that final figures from Perth LCA2014 would
            be awaited before determining a final budget, and will
            consider the draft budget put forward by Francois during the
            next few days. Further decision DEFERREDuntil next meeting
            28th January.


        Organising Face to Face
        Francois has sent around a sign up sheet to find the best weekend.
        FOR DECISION on best weekend for Face to Face

DEFERREDuntil budget position is better known


        Council Induction for Sae Ra and Chris


            What's still outstanding?


            Wiki access


            Website access


            IRC access


            Mailing list access


            Google docs access
            Induction complete, no further action required


        LCA2014 closure activities


            Invoice for Blue Hackers psychologist

Awaiting further information, no invoice received yet
Require clarification on whose budget it was coming out of, we currently 
believe it is currently coming out of LA rather than LCA.
ACTION: Josh Hesketh to chat to Arjen and Clinton

ACTION: Kathy to note for discussion on expenditure process at Face to Face


        LCA2015 update

Cherie Ellis has provided mage for website

ACTION: Josh H to update the Linux.org.au website


        PyconAU update


            Sponsorship requests have gone to 80% of last year's
            sponsors, but no accepts yet


        Drupal South
        ACTION: Josh to make contact with Josh Waihi touch base

ACTION: Kathy to make contact with Donna Benjamin regarding how LA can 
assist with promotional efforts


        Drupal Gov
        ACTION: Josh Hesketh to contact LEANNE SHORB for post event wrap-up
        (Leanne to send update once invoices paid)


        Discussion around conference selection and continuation
        subcommittee (re OSDC exec etc).

DEFERRED to Face to Face

5. Items for noting


6. Other business


7. In camera

Two items were discussed in camera and are not made public at this time.

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

secretary at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479

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