[Linux-aus] Hardware donation: IBM BladeCenter + 10 HS21/22 blades

Avi Miller avi.miller at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 08:25:48 EST 2014

Hey kids,

I have an IBM BladeCenter chassis with 10 working (and 1 non-working) blades that is taking up space in my house. The chassis works great, and has both gigabit ethernet and fibre channel connectivity. The 10 working blades are mostly HS21s with dual-sockets and anywhere from 2GB - 8GB of memory (from memory). There is also an 11th blade I could never get to work, but could be used for parts, I guess.

I’m happy to give the entire lot to anyone who’s willing to come pick it up from my house in Melbourne. :)

Caveats: this thing is large. Like 5RU or 6RU or something. It’s also massively heavy. Fully loaded, it’s probably 60kgs+ or so. It requires 15A power (cables not included) and has four PSUs, so you need significant power supply (though it’ll run with only 2 connected). And finally, it’s stupendously loud. Like imaging an A380 landing about 10m away from you and then double it. This thing wouldn’t sit under someone’s desk. :)

I’d prefer to give the whole lot away in one go, and I’d also prefer to give it to a non-profit or educational organisation, or anyone who is going to take hackvantage of it. I bought the whole lot for about $500 thinking I’d be able to do some virtualisation work with it, but the power requirements and noise just weren’t appropriate for a work-from-home environment.

If this sound like something you’d like and you have a server room/basement/garden shed/bunker in which to store it, and some way of picking it up from an outer Northern suburb of Melbourne, please email me directly.

NOTE: I can’t power the thing up any more, so please don’t ask specific questions about actual memory sizing or processors. I believe they’re Intel Xeon-esque processors. Each blade also has 2x internal HDDs. Essentially, you’re getting the lot for free, so think of it as a blade centre lucky dip! :)

Email me off-list if you can take it off my hands. 


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