[Linux-aus] Should I feel sorry for Queenslanders?!

Terry Dawson tjd at animats.net
Fri Jan 3 13:08:59 EST 2014

On 03-Jan-14 12:59 PM, Russell Coker wrote:
> The Borland "Turbo" family of development environments was really good 
> for learning. They were fast, easy to use, and everything was 
> integrated with a default installation that made things just work. Do 
> we have a Linux development environment that comes out of the box with 
> an editor that has a function-key to compile and run? For my use 
> vim/make/gcc works really well. But it's not the easiest way to start 
> teaching kids. 
That is a good point. They were certainly mature self-contained 
development environments. There is also a wealth of cheap documentation 
available from just about any second-hand bookstore.

I could, a little cheekily perhaps, suggest that there is a better 
environment they could be using that provides a relatively mature, 
F-key-compile development environment: Arduino. Maybe it's too soon.


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