[Linux-aus] Should I feel sorry for Queenslanders?!

Terry Dawson tjd at animats.net
Fri Jan 3 12:30:35 EST 2014

On 21-Nov-13 10:12 PM, Glen Turner wrote:
> I'm slowly coming to the view that modern computing might be best taught alongside woodwork and metalwork. Measuring computer teaching by its readying of people to work in the narrow application of computing called "IT" is as about as clever as measuring woodwork by a graduate's ability to start work in construction.
In the NSW high school curriculum that is precisely how it is taught. 
They're all 'technology' subjects.

That being said, 'Information and Software Technology' in Year 9 last 
year introduced Pascal, by way of Borland Turbo Pascal (free, but not 
Free) as a programming language. A little weird but pragmatic. I'm not 
quite sure why they aren't using Python, but I could entertain guesses.


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