[Linux-aus] LUG schedules (was Minutes...)

Linux Australia Secretary secretary at linux.org.au
Sun Feb 23 10:39:08 EST 2014

Quoting Craige;

I know these things are a pain to organise however ;-) is the council
mindful of local LUG schedules? It would have been great to have some
timing around the TasLUG Hobart or Launceston meetings (if schedules had
permitted of course).

This is a great point Craige.
I know the Media Team is keen to get a newsletter together with upcoming dates, and we also have a calendar here;
but the trick is keeping it populated.

There are a couple of LUGs which are Subcommittees of LA; for these groups I'd be happy to explore requiring the LUG dates to be on the calendar.
For the majority of LUGS that are not Subcommittees of LA however this would be a goodwill gesture.

At a broader level, I'd love to see an RSS feed to 'open source events' in Australia - LUGs, meetups etc.

What are the thoughts of others?

Kind regards,

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