[Linux-aus] Minutes of Council Meeting Tuesday 11th February 2014

Peter Lawler linux-aus at bleeter.id.au
Sun Feb 16 16:34:57 EST 2014

On 15/02/14 21:31, Linux Australia Secretary wrote:
>  *
>    ENQUIRY from PETER LAWLER regarding prioritising distribution of
>    conference videos in patent-unencumbered formats over non-free 
> formats.
>      o
>        See
> http://lists.linux.org.au/private/committee/2014-January/024824.html
> MOTION by Josh Hesketh that LA continue to encourage video recording 
> teams to use open source tools and codecs and prioritise them over 
> patent encumbered formats, efforts should be made to transcode them to 
> patent unencumbered formats
> SECONDED by Francois and passed unanimously

FWIW, this 'just in', Wikimedia looks like they won't be doing mp4 
(unless absolutely necessary, maybe).


"Closing with consensus *prefer no MP4 support*."

Apols for crossposting url etc. from the LCA2014 list, but I do think 
this is very important and there's a great deal of info and discussion 
on it that folks should may wish to read. I'd like the AV subcomitte to 
consider adopting a policy of NOT publishing ANY encumbered formats 
whatsoever until such time as the unencumbereds are also ready to go. 
This would include publishing on LA's on mirror server. YT's default is 
still to publish encumbered, then prepare on demand unencumbered - which 
for longer videos can be so bothersome one never actually ends up 
watching them (not to mention my previous comments [probably elsewhere] 
about unmetered rsync).

Anyways, thanks to the c'ttee for chatting and taking a vote.


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