[Linux-aus] MINUTES of Council Meeting 28 Jan 2014

Michael Chesterton michael at chesterton.id.au
Sun Feb 2 14:09:30 EST 2014

On 02/02/14 13:24, Linux Australia Secretary wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Minutes of Council meeting 28 Jan follow, as always your comments and
> feedback are warmly welcomed,
> Kind regards,
> K.
>  *
>     Feedback from BRENDAN MOLLOY regarding Gender field on Membership
>     sign up form
>     DEFERRED: Discussion deferred to F2F.
>     ACTION: Kathy to add to F2F agenda, ACTION COMPLETE


FYI I brought this issue up a year ago on list and I put a bug in launchpad

The field isn't marked as compulsory, but the interface makes you select
either male or female.

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