[Linux-aus] [Announce] [LACTTE] Declaration of Council Election and call for Nominations

Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Sun Dec 7 20:06:14 EST 2014


Thanks to everybody who has nominated me this far, it is great to see
the support of the community for the work that the council has been
doing over the last year.

I agree that it is nice to know intentions on accepting nominations.
However, often people don't want to accept their nominations so not to
discourage others from running. It is healthy for multiple candidates to
run for a position, so if you have been thinking about it please do not
hesitate to do so with the reasoning that somebody else will run.

Additionally, if you are hesitent to run in fear of losing an election
please do not let this discourage you as even just standing up and
letting people know you're in the community and happy to volunteer is
great :-).

To answer the question more directly, it is likely that I will accept my
nominations. However, I would be very happy to endorse and support
somebody else competing for any of the roles and also happy to provide
any future councils with advice/handover information.

It is likely, that if elected, next term will be my final one. As such
my final term will likely have a focus on succession planning and
documentation. If there is anybody who aspires to help lead Linux
Australia but doesn't feel quite confident to be president immediately
I'd strongly encourage standing for the VP role or OCM so to start
building confidence and to learn the ropes.

So again I'd like to encourage anybody thinking of running to do so.


On 06/12/14 23:19, Russell Stuart wrote:
> On Sat, 2014-12-06 at 21:00 +1100, Linux Australia Secretary wrote:
>> Currently, we have the following nominations:
>> https://www.linux.org.au/membership/index.php?page=view-election&id=21
> Does MemberDB have a way of declining nominations?  If not, if would be
> helpful is members on the current committee said whether they intend to
> accept their nominations for next year.
> I think this years Executive has been outstanding.  Most of them have
> been renominated.  If they intend to accept I do not want to create
> competition.  I doubt I'm the only person who wants the current
> committee to continue.
> IIRC, only Kathy and Hugh have said they will not be standing again.
> What about the rest of you?
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