[Linux-aus] Papers Committee weekend - who will be presenting at LCA 2015?

Cherie Ellis cherie.ellis at lca2015.linux.org.au
Sat Aug 23 19:16:31 EST 2014

This is the long-anticipated Papers Committee weekend and Steven (Ellis) is
now en route to Sydney to join our revered Papers Committee for a
fun-packed weekend deciding which of the many submitted presentations to
choose from for our conference next year.

It’s a very important job, crucial, even! I don't envy them, trying to
foresee what is going to be at the top of everyone’s must-see list,
predicting what will be trending in 6 month’s time, and what will have died
a sad, lonely death or sputtered out after a brief burst of glory in the

Then there’s the programme...  Who fits together? Who shouldn’t be opposite
whom? And on it goes. It will be hard work! After speaking with the Chairs
of the committee (Michael Davies and Michael Still) we've learned that this
is traditionally a passionately fought process with each and every person
focussed intently on ensuring that our delegates have access to the best
presentations currently and soon-to-be available.

“The Michaels” know the conference and its audience and the rest of the
committee is made up of past organisers, some FOSS celebrities and past
presenters - most of whom have done this job many times now. Steve has been
sent with some strict instructions about the presentations our team wants
to see and the format of the conference itself that has some new, exciting

To those in the Papers Committee gathering together this weekend to make
these important decisions - we wish you all a safe journey there and back
again, and we say Stand Your Ground! To those of you who have submitted a
presentation we say Good Luck - you are all wonderful in our eyes!

All the best,
The LCA 2015 team
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